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  Deluxe “Plus” CRiSis™ Manikin
  The Deluxe “PLUS” Adult CRiSis™ Manikin is a complete resuscitation system that presents challenges you may face in real world situations, with five major features allowing practice of several simulation scenarios. Each manikin consists of an “Airway Larry” Airway Management Trainer Head, Blood Pressure Arm, Defibrillation Chest Skin, full body CPR manikin, and IV Arm. Ideal for ACLS, paramedic, EMT, and nursing training at every level. Modular components allow you to create a manikin to suit your needs. The “PLUS” manikin also includes an Electronic CPR Monitoring Printer Unit (LF03401U)and a Hard Carry Case (LF03645U). Electronic monitoring, memory, and printer unit, for use with CPR simulation, displays running averages of compression rate, compression depth, ventilation duration, and ventilation volume; provides hard copy printout; and has adult and child settings. Red light indicates improper hand placement, yellow light signals proper compression depth of 1-1/2"-2". Green light signals proper ventilation volume at 0.80 liters adult. The performance of each skill is displayed separately while averages are stored in the memory. Designed to automatically switch between the compression and ventilation modes depending on which one is being applied. Compression and ventilation waveforms are plotted in a time sequence. When stop button is pushed, averages of the four skills are shown on the digital display while the printer tabulates the result on paper. Major features include: Airway Management • Compatible airway management devices include E.T., E.O.A., E.T.L., L.M.A., E.G.T.A., Combitube®, and King Systems • Cricoid cartilage allows for practice of Sellick maneuver • Oral, nasal, and digital intubation capabilities • Palpable carotid pulse (manual) • Realistic anatomy of the mouth, tongue, oral pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus • Separate left and right lungs for auscultation • Suctioning capabilities Blood Pressure Arm • Auscultatory gap can be turned on and off • Five Korotkoff phases can be turned on and off • Instructor determines systolic and diastolic levels, heart rate, and sound volume • Radial pulse • Speaker in arm reproduces real blood pressure sounds • Use with an optional external speaker system to broadcast sounds to the entire classroom (LF01189U) CPR • Fully articulated head, neck, and jaw • Jaw thrust • Palpable and visual landmarks Defibrillation Chest • Compatible with all standard brands and types of defibrillators, monitors, and patient simulators • Internal load box absorbs full strength of every shock - designed to handle up to maximum recommended 360 Joules • Manual, semiautomatic, and automatic defibrillation • Monitor manikin like a real patient at four ECG sites and two defibrillation sites IV Arm • Articulated at the biceps for antecubital and dorsal access • Bony landmark at shoulder to identify muscle tissue for intramuscular injections • Realistic flashback from a pressurized system • Replaceable skin and veins